SP-Forth SP-Forth is an ANS forth system for Windows and Linux. It features optimized native code generation, high speed execution, full ANS'94 support, small yet highly-extensible kernel, big number of additional libraries for developing sophisticated windows applications, active and helpful community.
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File Size Date Comment
spf4-20-setup.exe 2.1 MB 21 Jan 2009 Win32 full installer
spf4-20.rar 2.2 MB 21 Jan 2009 Win32 full archive
spf-4.20.tar.gz 744 KB 21 Jan 2009 Linux sources+binary tarball, without devel
spf-devel-4.20.tar.gz 2.2 MB 21 Jan 2009 Linux devel tarball
spforth4_4.20-1_i386.deb 532 KB 21 Jan 2009 Debian GNU/Linux binary package, without devel
Bugtracker — feel free to leave tickets concerning bugs, documentation omissions, feature requests, etc.
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RuFIG — Russian Forth Interest Group
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